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Traci Perryman mourning the passing of her mother, Margaret Beadle.           
             Elders: Harms/White                    01/27/19
Family and Friends of Dennis Dunlap mourning his passing.                             
                    Elders: Harms/White                    01/22/19
Dorothy Mau, mother of Pam Vincent, recovering from a fall.                          
                Elder: Elisar                                  01/17/19
Angie Hanks mourning the passing of her mother, Betty Louviere.                   
                     Elders: Vincent/Winstead              01/17/19
Gail Landry recovering at home from an outpatient procedure.                           
                     Elders: McCullough/Teel               01/17/19
Ashley Terrell, with a chronic bone infection.                                                    
                           Elders: Shuford/Tucker                  01/16/19
David Tindel recovering from surgery.                                                               
                         Elder: Elisar                        01/07/19
Sharon Teinert recovering from a fall.                                                                
                Elders: Shuford/Tucker                01/05/19
Sylvia, sister-in-law of Judy Alvarez, at home with hospice care.                        
                   Elders: Harms/White                    12/28/18
Dee Dunlap under her doctor’s care.                                                                  
                 Elders: Harms/White                   12/28/18
Darrell Wukasch recovering from surgery.                                                        
                          Elders: McCullough/Teel               12/16/18
Irene Primeaux recovering from a fall.                                                               
                           Elders: Shuford/Tucker                 12/13/18
Sean Wolford, Laurenda’s grandson, recovering from  motorcycle accident injuries.
                              Elders: Harms/White            12/04/18                   
Theresa Hall, daughter of the Ermel’s, undergoing testing.                                   
                            Elders: Harms/White                    11/27/18
Dawn Hicks & Jeannean Hasse, step-sisters of Vera Canton, thankful to be cancer free.                                                      Shuford/Tucker            11/15/18
Rudy Parma at Bonne Vie.                                                                                 
                            Elders: Shuford/Tucker                 10/28/18
Edward Strauss, brother of Ida Trojcak under his doctor’s care.                       
                                      Elders: Shuford/Tucker                10/28/18
The mother of Bert Sanchez under her doctor’s care.                                                                                 10/13/18 
Spikes Sturdivant, son-in-law of the Krautz’s, under his doctor’s care.                  
                                Elders: Shuford/Tucker                 10/13/18
Johnny Krautz recovering from knee replacement surgery.                                  
                         Elders: Shuford/Tucker                 10/03/18
Charlotte Metreyeon under her doctor’s care.                                                  
                               Elders: Harms/White                    09/24/18
Cousin of Sharon Teinert recovering from surgery and in need of additional treatments. 
                               Elders: Shuford/Tucker    09/23/18
Karen Cole, sister of Sharon Koller continuing cancer treatments.                    
                              Elders: Vincent/Winstead               09/22/18         
The Uncle of Teresa Wolfe, recovering from a stroke.                                    
                          Elders: Harms/White                    09/09/18
Jack & Marilyn Hopper under doctors’  care.                                                    
                              Elder: Elisar                        08/27/18
Ron Landry recovering from surgery.                                                                 
                              Elders: McCullough/Teel                08/15/18
Masaka Woodruff, mother of Shane Woodruff , under her doctor’s care.       
                            Elders: Vincent/Winstead               08/04/18
Dorothy Morgan under her doctor’s care.                                                        
                               Elders: Shuford/Tucker                   07/31/18
Dami Ownby, daughter-in-law of Leah & Benny Elisar, under her doctor’s care. 
                              Elders: Nelson/Pinnt                   07/28/18
Greg Taylor, uncle of Brandy Kieschnick, recovering from surgery.                        
                            Elders: Vincent/Winstead                07/25/18
Frank, husband of Rosemarie Herring, under doctor’s care.                             
                          Elders: Shuford/Tucker                  07/11/18
Chad Strange, nephew of Ann Huebel, diagnosed with a brain tumor.                 
                            Elders: Nelson/Pinnt                      07/05/18
Kay, aunt of Lisa Hartman, recovering from open heart surgery.                        
                              Elders: Harms/White                     06/16/18
Vanessa Dickey, niece of Daryl Williams, recovering from major surgery in Houston.
                                      Elders: Harms/White                  06/12/18          
Aaron Teltschik, son-in-law of the Schraders, recovering from a blood vessel disorder.
                                      Elders: Nelson/Pinnt                     06/04/18
The mother of Lori Halbert, under her doctor’s care.                                     
                                             Elders:  Shuford/Tucker                 05/31/18
Chris Sturgis, deployed with the US Army to Afghanistan.                                                                              05/11/18
Ingrid Casella, sister of Rosie Herring, receiving dialysis.                                  
                                Elders: Shuford/Tucker                 05/11/18                                                              
Jeannie Baxter, mother of DeeDee Wukasch, beginning chemotherapy.              
                          Elders: McCullough/Teel                05/05/18
Karl Bollmann, brother of Rosemarie Herring, under his doctor’s care.          
                          Elders: Shuford/Tucker                  04/25/18
Craig Smithy under his doctor’s care.                                                                
                              Elders: McCullough/Teel               03/25/18
Sister of Colette Stahl diagnosed with CHF.                                                     
                              Elders: Shuford/Tucker                  03/10/18
Ryan, nephew of Dave Thornton, with serious injuries due to an accident.         
                              Elders: Harms/White                     03/10/18
Gilbert Diaz, the brother of Yolanda Schrader, under his doctor’s care.          
                             Elders: Nelson/Pinnt                      02/05/18
Melinda Landry, daughter-in-law of Ron & Gail Landry under her doctor’s care.  
                           Elders:  Nelson/Pinnt                      01/27/18
Beth Thompson Williams, niece of Johnny Krautz, with cancer treatments.  
                             Elders: Shuford/Tucker                   12/20/17
Helen Harbour at a nursing  facility in Houston.                                                 
                               Elders: Nelson/Pinnt                      11/01/17
Dodie Taubert, cousin of Carlene Singleton, diagnosed with cancer.                 
                                Elders: Harms/White                      07/11/17     
Charles Terrell under his doctor’s care.                                                           
                            Elders: Shuford/Tucker                   07/12/17
Marvin Ermel under his doctor’s care.                                                               
                            Elders: Harms/White                      06/08/17                              
Dorothy Dutschmann under her doctor’s care.                                               
                               Elders: S.Vincent/Winstead              03/19/17
Ainsley Garza, granddaughter of the Thornton’s, under her doctor’s care.            
                          Elders: Harms/White                       02/27/17
Billy & Linda Laurents under their doctor’s care.                                 01/24/19                              
Dot Follett recovering from surgery for a broken arm.                          01/17/19                              
Elinda Gregory, mom of Shawn Dunlap, under her doctor’s care.       01/07/19                              
The Brent Richard family, ECE family, who lost their house to a fire on Tuesday.  12/18/18
Debbie Fear, friend of the Luke’s, recovering from open heart surgery.  10/31/18
 Betty Becker in hospice care in Winnie.       10/14/18
Ernie Eickenhorst under his doctor’s care.    10/03/18
A woman know to the Lord with multiple health issues    09/19/18
Matt, a young man, recovering from brain surgery.     08/02/18
Nicole Vaugn, friend of the Prioux’s, has Ewing's sarcoma and is at MD Anderson.  07/16/18
Terry Simpson, friend of John Ford, undergoing chemotherapy.      07/14/18
Friends of the Ashby’s with an 18-mo. old grandson with Guillain-Barre’ where immune system attacks nerves.     06/30/18
Candy, friend of Vera Canton, recovering from dual amputation of her legs.  06/28/18  
Ramona Dahl with stage 4 cancer.     06/02/18
Nolan, friend of the Thornton’s, facing surgery.   05/23/18
Jamie Hoglin, 19-year old friend of Caity Molbert, recovering from a gunshot to the face. She is paralyzed from the neck down; shot because of mistaken identity.  01/31/18
Lauren Kelley, the wife of a co-worker of James Simmons, undergoing extensive testing.   01/23/18