Sunday Morning Classes for All Ages

Sunday Morning Classes
9am - Classes  & 10:30am - Worship


We meet at 9:00 AM on Sunday  in Conference Room “A” & “B”!

Children's Classes
0-2 Years - Nursery
3 Years - 4th Grade - Education Building Big Room


 Pastor Francis Schroeder’s Adult and Youth (5th-12th) Bible Class
Conference Room A & B (New Office Building)

Sunday Morning Schedule
9am-10am Donuts and Coffee/Juice; Adult and Youth Classes
9am-9:15am  Craft/Coloring Sheets and Fellowship Time (Pre-4th)
9:15am  Song Time for Little Lambs Choir (Pre-4th)
9:30am-9:50am Bible Class Time (Pre-4th)
9:50am Wrap Up/Application (Pre-4th)



Sunday School Children Sponsor Jean Yawo Atama from Togo, Africa!

On Compassion Sunday, April 22, 2012, DCE Kristy Witek shared her experience with sponsoring two girls through an organization called Compassion. The children in Sunday School also learned about this amazing organization and how they bring the Great News of Jesus to children all over the world! After talking to our children about these children, particularly a three year old little boy, we decided that our Sunday School could sponsor him! Part of our Sunday School Offering each month will go toward this little boy. We will be able to correspond with him, learn about him, his family and his life in Africa.

The little boy that we have decided to sponsor is Jean Yawo Atama. His birthday is December 31, 2008.  He lives in Africa in a country called Togo. Togo is a country in Africa between Ghana and Nigeria. In his home, Jean helps by helping in the kitchen and running errands. He lives with his father and mother. They are both sometimes employed as farmers. Jean is not presently attending school. He loves soccer, singing and playing games. He attends church and Bible class regularly. Because of our sponsorship, Jean will have new opportunities to learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

Please continue to pray for Jean as we sponsor him!