Pastor's 20th Anniversary Celebration

Members of Holy Cross continue to celebrate Pastor’s 20 years in Nederland.  
1. "Hip, Hip, Hooray for Pastor Francis"
2. Movie theater gift card
3. Valentine goodies
4. Outdoor signs
5. Hair cut gift certificate for Pastor and pedicure gift certificate for Sandy
6. New banners for the sanctuary
7. ECE staff Grandparent shower
8. Weekday School song and cake
9. Pastor and Sandy received a “dinner for two" gift certificate to The Pompano Club; this gift was provided anonymously.
10. Surprise #10 was a gift card from Lowe’s, provided by Friends.  Yard work or a renovation project may be in Pastor’s future!
11. Dorothy Dutschmann wrote a special poem, “The Gift of Your Hands” in honor of Pastor’s 20th anniversary.  Kathy Pinnt read the poem before the worship service on May 20.
12. At the end of the worship service on May 20, Pastor and Sandy were surprised with gifts for the soon-to-be grandparents. Members of  Holy Cross contributed toward the purchase  of a Pac ‘n Play, stroller, bath set, car seat base, and many other items that will be needed when babysitting their first grandchild!
13. Altar Flowers to celebrate their wedding anniversary
14. Tickets to an Astros Baseball Game
15. Book store gift certificates
16. A case of Mountain Dew, Pastor's favorite soft drink
SAVE THE DATE:  Sunday, September 23, for the big celebration!